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Somehow you ended up on my website, which means you are looking for a wedding photographer. I can’t say I’m in love with you already! Well if you just got engaged are you have been engaged for a long time, congratulations! Planning your perfect wedding with your soulmate is big and you maybe thinking right now there are lot to think about and to do until the wedding. But I tell you, when your are there on your wedding day with your partner aka best friend and eating the dinner you been trying out maybe a couple of times, its all worth it.

Your wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer I meet all kinds of different people and it is amazing! To do what I do is incredible! Just think about it, the only person at the wedding you don’t know much about is the photographer. So to be THAT person you trusts the most at your wedding day is an crazy feeling. I tend to also get emotional on your wedding day, when you cry, I cry. But you don’t have to think about me, I’m more then okay!

I love photography, weddings, traveling and sailing

During my 25 years on this planet I have lived in Santa Barbara, USA for 12 months and in Ayr, Scotland for 4 months. Have interrail through Europe for 3 weeks with my best friend or as I call her, my big sister. I am very lucky to have done all this crazy things. My love for traveling, photography and weddings can take me around the world is a privilege. Not only can I capture moments here in Sweden but in the whole world too! As a photographer I love light and romantic pictures, the most spontaneous ones are the best. When you don’t think I’m there, I am. Sometimes I call myself the Disney figure character Basil the Great Mouse Detective when I’m searching for locations haha. I don’t know how that started but I am still sticking to it.

As a person I love laughing and smiling around, I tend to laugh to everything. My favorite drink are white wine, Mojito and Frozen Mango Daiquri. My favorite countries are USA, France and Italy, but the countries I want to visit right now are New Zealand and Canada (specifically Banff National Park!). My favorite foods are pasta in every form and fish. When it comes to animals, I love them but I think dogs are my favorite. On my personal time I love to run in a lovely forest somewhere and as a old swimmer I also like to swim with my swimgoggles on. If I can, I love to sleep in the morning, maybe that is why I love sunsets more then sunrise. When it comes to movies I ALWAYS love Disney and for tv-shows I have watched all Friends seaons at least three times.

What's included ?


You have me for 12 hours! Yep, you heard me. I’m going to be there the whole day, from getting dressed to the party. It will include lots of laughs, smiling and tears. Here we have the chance to split the portrait sessions in two. During the day and then maybe I can get just the two of you during golden hour!


I deliver at least 300 beautiful high resolution photos in lots of color and some versions in black and white. You can post them, print them and also share them with your family and friends.


You also get a beautiful album. When you get your photos delivered in the beautiful online gallery you are going to favorite them to your love album, yep Im talking wedding album! When the favorites are ready I design the album, sent it to you for proof and when you have accepted the design I send it off to the printers.

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Excluding travel and accommodation. Prices may vary depending on travel time and country!

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