After a smooth four hour train ride from Roma Termini to Firenze S.M.N. Followed by a bus ride to Camping Michelangelo, located on top on a mountain and barly 200m from the best view over Florence!!

We checked in and got our tent key, yes a tent key! There’s always a first for everything! It was really a change from the city of Rome, frech air, the smell of leaves and the sound of birds singing in the trees.

Knowing there was a possibility of rain the next dat, we headed straight for the city. Starting with the beautiful panorama view of Florance before walking down to the city.

We walked around and saw the cathedral, Santa Maria Del Fiorre and many more churches. When arriving at the castle we suddely found ourselves in the middle of a parade of knights, midlevel weaponry, flags and clothing. With lots of drumming! But the surprises didn’t stop there! From the the middle of nowhere we happened to be part of the pride parade! Pretty cool!!

For our little food trip we eat a real Italian sandwich for lunch and a the stranges meat fast food sandwich for dinner… First one was great but the later we advise everyone to keep away from. It was simply messy and yuck, neither Fanny or me are a fan of boiled strange, we do not wanna know what it was, meat…

Finishing with pictures of the river before heading back to the view spot and our tent.

// Robin