We woke up early and grabbed a bus to the train station. From Florence to Milano it took one hour and forty minutes. When we arrived in Milano we saw one of the most beautiful train stations in Italy! Just whoa!

We started walking to our hostel, Koala Hostel. We went wrong a few times but after almost two hours later we found it. This hostel is our first and only mixed room with four other people. Two girls from America, one guy from Australia and other guy we don’t know because he didn’t say so much.

Because we only had one day here we left our bags and walked right away. In Milano city we saw beautiful buildings, Cathedral, shopping street and a castle. For dinner we bought salad and had a picnic by the castle and for dessert some special ice cream. After a long day of walking we decided to take the subway home (very smart!) started packing right away for the long train ride to Nice tomorrow.