Three minutes walk to the train station and our longest ride were upon us. As in Italy and same in France the platform doesn’t show until a few minutes before departure. We walked down and up to the platform there two trains to Paris was standing. We also had good seats by the window and watched one landscape after another.

A local told us trains in France are often delayed, well trains in Sweden are the same… All in all after six hours with 50 minutes of delay we came to Paris Gare de Lyon. Because of the long delay everyone got free water and a paper to send in for the train ticket. In Paris we stayed in a hotel near Gare de l’Est we had to transfer with RED train to another train station. Here in Paris its very usual to transfer between train stations.

From there we walked in five minutes between houses, wired smells and not so cold and rainy Paris. When we opened the hotel door we meet one of the managers and he looked at us as we are the first backpackers in this hotel. He looked at our luggage and asked about first and forth floor. Without thinking we wanted the first floor. Started walking to room five. Well small corridor, whole maze to the room and smell mixed of cigarette smoke and drugs. Yes if you stayed outside more then ten minutes you easily could have get high… For dinner we eat Indian fast food some blocks away. Robin eat spicy and I eat Tikka Masala.