Destination wedding photographer
- in Sweden

The first thing I want to say is a big congratulations! You are getting married, you and your beloved partner! You have a great day ahead of you, a party with those you love the most in the world. A lot of planning and time has been spent. Therefore, one of my strengths as a wedding photographer is to capture all the memories you can look back on. Forever. The feelings, smiles, tears, nervousness, and people that made your day. The feeling of photographing a wedding is hard to describe, it is wonderful. I am completely engulfed by the emotions that are around me. I will cry when you see each other for the first time, cry when you say “yes” in church and laugh with you during speeches during dinner.

Beautiful locations

I spend a lot of time finding the perfect and most beautiful places for your portraits. It should be the best light, cleanest backgrounds, just to give you as magical wedding pictures as possible. Nothing was left to chance.


No boring group photos and stiff poses. You, together with your bridal party, family pictures, or portraits, should make you feel the love of each other.


I want you to have as much fun as possible in front of the camera, even the camera-shy ones. You will all be relaxed and laugh together with me.

About me


My name is Fanny Sundin, I am a 25-year-old girl who has easy to laugh and is based in Norrköping, Sweden. Because of my studies, I got so attached to this fantastic city, I stayed. I am originally born in Södertälje, a town about four miles south of Stockholm, and grow up half of my life in Vagnhärad.

Except for photography, I love traveling and sailing. I have interrailed through southern Europe with my very best friend. I have also lived in Santa Barbara, USA, and Ayr, Scotland. I am very lucky to have done all these crazy things. My favorite countries are the USA, France, and Italy. The countries I want to visit right now are, New Zealand and Canada (specifically Banff National Park!).

My “guilty pleasure” in snacks is the Swedish candy PimPim boats. I’m also a big Disney fan, can probably sing to all Disney songs, I’ve plausibly seen all the movies. Can sometimes see myself as the Disney character Basil Mouse when I look for the perfect place for a photo shoot, what is missing is the green hat and magnifying glass. Besides Disney, the TV series, Friends, is a big hit (think I have seen all seasons at least five times).

When I was little, I thought that if I accidentally swallowed kernels from apples, it would start to grow apple trees in my stomach. Maybe that’s why I’m allergic to apples today haha. As a person, I like to sleep a little extra in the morning and am probably still a Nintendo nerd. My favorite games are Zelda and Paper Mario for Nintendo 64.

“Thank you for photographing our wedding! Absolutely wonderful pictures!
A big thank you means a lot to us!”



Your Destination Package

"I DO"

12 hours

Wedding meeting

We have cozy an online meeting through Skype where we go trough all your wishes. I make a timeline for the photo shoot togheter with you. You also get an photo-checklist.

12 hour photo shoot

I can capture all the most important moments: preparations, portrait, ceremony, dinner and party. Here we have the chance to split the portrait sessions in two. During the day and then after main course we photograph some during the golden hour! 

400 pictures

I deliver 400 digital pictures in a USB drive, and thrugh a online gallery that you can share with your guests. The pictures delivers high-resolution and low-resolution for web.

Wedding album

Your beautiful pictures show-offs best in a wonderful album and not just on a hard drive. Therefore it includes a luxurious album in 30×30 cm, the pictures you choose spread over 40 pages.

Travel & Accommodation

Excluding travel and accommodation. Prices may vary depending on travel time and country!


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