Passion for traveling

A few years ago I started to grow a passion for traveling. I love the difference between countries and their cultures. It all started when I was thirteen, me, my friend and her parents was going to Switzerland for her birthday. which was also the first time I traveled without my parents. I think, during that time I know I could travel alone and standing on my own. Some people think it is scary the part before the trip with checking in and finding the gate. But all of that comes along and I just getting excited.

If I am looking back in my life I know what kind of problem I had when it comes to home sickness. It was a very big problem, could not even be alone for a camp when I was eight years old. When I started in high school my biggest dream and goal was to study abroad in America. Of course few things came along with it, to be there without my parents and I have to take care of myself. But I wanted it so badly, it was my dream. I had to step up the game and do it anyway. As many of you know my year in USA was the best year of my life. I would never ever change it for something else.

If I could decide my future here and now, I would have a flight ticket in my hand and a backpacking in the Amazon rather then finding a place to stay in Sweden for the rest of my life. I am not saying buying an apartment and trying to build a ”adult” life is wrong, it is just not for me at this point. I want to see the world with my own eyes and season working in different countries before the real adult life, you know with kids and all.

After reading all this, you can see my passion for traveling is real, big and I hope it always be. If some of you have the chance to do something ordinary or study abroad then do it! Take the chance before it is to late!

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