Why I love Photography…


Why I love photography, photography its a very unique thing to love. Now we can capture the perfect moment in our life. Who does not want to remember your baby’s first step, someone we lost or our special day? We all do and the thing is no one can remember everything maybe just some little detail.

Being a photographer is kind of awesome because I can capture the moment that you can have forever and ever. During my photography journey I have meet awesome and inspirational people. Even getting new friends for life. Through my camera and a picture I see the world in a whole different angle and in the end gave me different perspective of living. When I am looking through details, I am starting to see the beauty in every day and that makes me happy. The world is not so big as we think. We are all connected. Picture us, the photographers as heroes, who are helping saving memories and connecting people in a photograph.

No one is exactly the same. Which is why every shoot is different, each person even a city or an animal has his or her own story to tell. It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding, funeral, classic outfit shoot, portrait, travel and so on… Every detail is unique which is why I love photography. Why not help each other. You can help me doing the thing I love and I can help you capture your special moment.

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