Alarm went off 4:45 because our train to Rotterdam left at Gare Du Nord. For breakfast we bought Pain au chocolat at the train station. Before entering the train you had to get through security check with the bags and everything. The train ride went smoothly until the last stop in Belgium. After a few minutes we heard our engineer was on a delayed train, we had to wait for 30 minutes. Laughed inside, well if its not delayed train or stop somewhere it had to be this!

From Rotterdam we transfer to Eindhoven were Robins grandma picked us up. We bought lunch at Lidl and got to their house. Eat salad with meatballs, salmon and worstenbroodje. Luxury food for us! Before heading to Oss we went for some shopping in the centrum. At Oss train station Robins other grandma picked us up. We arrived in a house with a big beautiful garden! For dinner we eat homemade meatballs, potato and build cauliflower with butter.