Next Vienna

Good morning everyone!

We are now wating to board our first flight to Copenhagen and then on to Vienna. We’re glad we made it in time as the trip here wasn’t the smooth as expected…

It started with Robin being unable to book a ticket on the 6:30 train I was on to Arlanda. After checking we found that the train would only go as far as Stockholm due to railroad repairs… So Robin managed to book as far as Sthlm but then we still had to make it to Arlanda somehow. There was no information as to which or if any trains were heading north from Sthlm. But we eventually found that Arlanda express was in service as usual and wow was that smooth and quick ride! Only a 20min trip! So we arrived with much time to spare and the rest went smoothly. During our interrail trip we are going to visit Vienna, Italy, France and Netherlands. Of course we hope on good weather and amazing trip!


Robin and Fanny