The next day we checked out and locked our luggage at the Wien Hauptbahnhof train station. Next we headed of to the Spanish riding schools morning practice!

The practice consisted of them training 5 stallions for 30 minutes crisscrossing around the beautiful Vinter arena. After 30 minutes they swapped to another 5 stallions and it all repeated.

For lunch we decided we should try the traditional Sachertorte. We asked a local for the cafe of the Sachartortes origins and he told us that 50% of the Venetians would say its Demel and the others say its Sacher. Thus we desided to try both and compare by sharing on at each cafe. And the winner is Sacher! Althouh Demel was good, Sachers Sachertorte had an extra layer of chocolate in the cake which just made it perfect! 🙂

Satisfied we then headed of to tour Schönbrunn palace and its immense gardens (more like a big park) for 3 hours. Followed by a visit to the Hundertwasserhaus and supermarket dinner by Dounau channel.

By this point our feet were killing us. Swollen and red… Not to stranged after having walked over 4 hours today, but it is so worth it!! 😉