The first thing we did when arriving in Wien Hauptbahnhof was to inform about the night train. We found out that out train was going to split in Zaltzburg! Yep that’s right, the front of the train headed to Venice and the back to Zurich… Well we didn’t know this until now, GOOD to know!!

Our first night train and also the first train of many. As said before we booked two beds in a six bed cabin which means four more people… Four strangers!

Anyway, we got on the train to our beds and saw the smallest cabin ever with six little bunkbeds. And there they where! A happy Indian family: father, daughter and grandparents. It ended with Swedish candy, real homemade indian food and lots of talking. 🙂

In short sleeping on a train isn’t the greatest, there isn’t much space, the toilets are unusable by morning (thankfully there were washrooms) and when the train breaks and your body lays facing the cabin, you kinda fear rolling out of bed.. :/

We might not sleep like this again, but we definitely recommend to try it once. Yes it isn’t luxurious and sometime you end up with strange people, but it can also lead to new friends or as in our case a memory for life! We’re both glad we tried it. Besides, its cheap! 😉

The following day we got some breakfast, including two buns, jam and coffe or tea, an hour before the last stop. We arrived in Venice at 8:20. An approximately 11h train ride!