After twenty minutes of walking to the magnificent train station. And as always in Italy trains get their platforms around 5-10 minutes before departure. We had to wait little longer.

From Monaco to Nice we had the ocean view, one of the best and most beautiful view from the train window. When we entered the country the police walked through the train and asked for passports and tickets. Because of the terrible attack in Paris last year France has a very high security check. Train ride took five hours instead of four because of all the security reasons.

When arrived we first reserved our seats to Paris and to Holland, there were only two seats left for that day to Netherlands, we were lucky! Then we stepped out on France soil and meet a warm heat from the sun! Our hostel/hotel was three minutes of walking from the station and fifteen minute walk to the beach, perfect location!

First thing we did after checking in was to put on our swimsuits and run towards the beach. Little quick stop at a sushi bar for dinner and then there it was! The big blue cold ocean! Exactly what we needed after being in a train in two hours without air conditioning.