The first day in Rome and it couldn’t start any better! The magnificent Colleseum, where Robin met a classmate from her University (its a small world) and then the ruins of the old city, including the palace of many roman emperors!

It was sunny and burning hot, so we desided to drink at least half a bottle (50cl) of water every time we found a drinking fountain. But gee they are everywhere… So we ended up drinking way to much! (Water that is).

As we moved on and saw many beautiful buildings, churches and markets, we suddenly had to find a bathroom. With no public bathroom in sight, of course.

But it seems that in Rome every restaurant and cafes bathroom is considered a public bathroom, so without knowing it they had been all around us.. Well problem solved.

On our way home, walking along the stalls at the river, our feet were killing us and we realized we had walked for about 7 hours!!! So we brought our selves some pasta and chips as a reward!

And refused to move an inch the rest of the night…