Sightseeing time! The best way to get/look around the city was with the 72h metro card for 28€… Yea, thats quite a price, but as walking is nearly impossible with all the tiny maze like streets, it’s so worth it.

We decided to see the sights along the Grand Channel, from San Marco to the train station. Starting with a panorama view from San Marco Squares clocktower. Were the ringing of the bells naturally had to happen when we were on the top, scaring us to death, not to mention defening. Cool though. Moving on we saw a few churches, such as Santa Maria della Salute and the Rialto brige (under construction of course..). We ate our supermarket improvised lunch at a tiny square in the middle of it all, listening to a classic street musician.

We couldn’t ask for a better weather, warm sunshine and a slight breeze. When the sun came down and the street laterns lit, we decided to drink the famous spritz with the view of the channel and eat a plate of ham and cheese to finish the day.