We decided to go to Napoli for a day. A city located south of Rome and the hometown of pizza!

We got there around eleven with a regional train from Roma Termini, bought a map and started walking right away. On our way we saw the old town, were we tried the local specialty: Sfogliatella, a flaky exterior pastry filled with sweetened ricotta cheese on the inside, sweet but not too sweet. Then we went on to eat the real traditional napolian pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil at a little square. Delicious!

Followed by a long walk to the harbour viewing the castles on our way. Wonderfull but it was hot!! Like really really hot! The hottest day thus far, 31 degrees in the shadow, with we barly saw… Worst part was that as we walked along the harbor, on our way to one of the castles, we past a bathing site… And of course we didn’t bring our bikinis!

That heat combined with watching people splashing in the water… Frustration! So we brought our selves some lemon flavoured shaved ice on our way back to the train station to resolve the issue!

The train back to Rome left at 16:37 and when we got back to the hostel our socks were missing!! We had left them to dry in our room from the laudry the night before. But no panic the only other person with a key was the sweet owner/cleaning lady. So we went out back to the courtyard and bingo! There on a drying rack were our socks, bra and bikini top! The last two we didn’t even realize were missing… So we brought our now dry laundry inside, packed up for our trip to Florence the next day and headed off to bed.