To wake up to the sound of rain patter on the tent is a cozy feeling! We only had one thing on the agenda for today, a trip to the supermarket.

So with shorts, shirts and rain jackets we walked to the supermarket through the rain and thunder. We had gotten directions from the reception at the camping and as we arrived at the first one we found it closed due to it being sunday..

Something the receptionist could have mentioned. But we new our way to another one (in the opposite direction) and headed there. Thankfully this one was open on sundays.

When we got back we decided a hot shower would be good, but we found the showers closed with a chain infront of the door. After asking the receptionist it seems the cleaning lady leaves the chain on due to the floors being wet. He told us we could just remove it and go inside, but as we stod by the chain we decided to duck under it, shower and remove it when we were done. Private showers! But we weren’t the only ones with this glorious idea and soon had company anyway.

We ended the day with pizza (baked in a fire oven!) at the campings restaurant with views over Florance.

After we turned off the lights in our tent and went to sleep someone suddenly knocked on our door! It was in the middle of the night and with Fanny sleeping with her earplugs that only left me awake, reading a semi thriller, and I got scared shitless! Well for a second before my brain kicked in, al whilst Fanny kept sleeping on like a baby.. I soon figured out it had to be our roommate and after calling out to confirm I let her in the tent. It’s a little strange to get a roommate in the middle of the night, and not funny when ur absorbed by a thriller. ? And now, sleep time!